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I was looking through my old journal entry posts on gaia, out of boredom. And damn did my grammar suck. Not to mention all the emoticon rape I used to do. Seriously. Damn! I’m pretty happy that I don’t write like that anymore. Really damn happy.

The oldest entry in my journal dates October 24th 2004. Meaning, I was in 6th grade back then. Whoa. I feel all nostalgic-ish now.

I was really happy-go-lucky and innocent back then. Then again, maybe to some I still am. Um, lol?


Right now, I’m reading a post that dates August 21st 2005. I was interviewing someone for the Gaian Newspaper I joined back then. Wow, I had hell of a lot a confidence in my writing. O_o Dai shocku ~

Anwyways, back then I had a fetish for Free Avatar Art. Apparently, someone named Kian Kat, drew this for me and I interviewed her for the newspaper.


This was the first time I witnessed good MSPaint art. I was srsly awed by this.


GAH! KITAAA!!! My horrible art from back then. O_o


Nozomi Tsuki-
Ruby Cat-


Here are the rest of them. I’m just posting the links up for memo sake. That art I did of Rayna … I actually thought it was the best shit ever. I must’ve been on drugs or something. These drawings date back to August 19th 2005.



Oh my god. O_o (August 9th 2005)

/end intermission


— CAUTION: The following conversation on the screen shot below is not to be read by anyone but me. Well, read it if you must. But It doesn’t make any sense to those who weren’t present back then.



Oh! Here’s something nifty. I now know when exactly I got my Kiki Kitty Plushie on Gaia! It was on April 29th 2005. How nostalgic.

Journal’s are pretty useful don’t you think?


A couple more Avatar Art - They all date 2005




gave at my lameness!

/end intermission2


Wow … this post is starting to get real long. >< I still have a few more things I want to keep from my journal so to those reading. Patience. Unless you’re enjoying looking at my memo crap.


Saimai-Sama’s literary skills … back in 2005 (Sept.20)


Saimai walked through the forest hoping for a place to spend the night.The red haired girl has stumbled across the land of gaia.Its a still small,but good enough to spend the night.Saimai was tired and needed money,so she stumbled into a club called Chatterbox and went in,only to learn the art of bumping!She bumped and bumped
until she came upon the cutest item she’s ever seen!Bunny luv!There was her first quest staring her in the eye.After 2months she got her first event,as she walked out of chatterbox a floating box was in front her,she caught it and found Golden laurels!At that time the golden laurels and bunny luv were her only valuable items.She was quite proud.About 9monts later,she’s become richer,she had about 20k and was proud with her improvement.Her kiki kitty was her most valuable possession,since its very popular to gaians.
One day on a walk around the almigthy GCD which has become her home since it opened,Snow the kiki bit off Saimai’s hair!WTF!Her hair was cut short and her beautiful long hair disapeared.But she’s grown quite used to it.
Towns opened a few weeks after and she’s now works at Inu_1415’s cafe/bar!
She was a kind and responisble chef.After few days after she got her job she was promoted.She was gotten a lot of compliments.Being Co-owner of the Inu CAfe made her very proud.
On her third day of day of being co-owner she went in,it was empty deserted.Dead.
She was shocked.Saimai went out and look at the sky Snow meowed.
“At least your still here”The maiden said.
She walked away until she saw her friends blue yoshii call out to her.
“Oh its you!”
Saimai told her friend the news.The 2 girls were disapointed,until yoshii got an idea.
“Why don’t you open your own cafe?”
“Oh why not?!”
They bought the furniture and started design but it would fit!The two were stuck they had to think of something!After a long day Saimai said goodbye to Yoshii and went off to GCD she heard of 2 new things!NOVEMBER 7 has gaia day and SEPTEMBER 30 the gcd party.The next day she went off to her fav club once again only to learn about the new donation items!The pandy pack and this shell thing.
“OH WOW!The pandy pack is just so cute.Must get it NOW!”
She ran as fast as she could to marketplace to get a good price.
“Yes!”She shot.”Mines all mines!”
She walked around with her new pet very happily.Snow meowed as if saying”Hey what about me??!”
“Oh i have’nt forgotten you my precious!”Saimai petted her kitty’s head and headed pack to GCD.How fast does news comes and goes?!A new thing was already sprawl saying that the admins sold porn tapes for fundings icon_crying.gif Waaaaa.
“WTF!?!?”The girl was so surprised!She couldn’t believe how their rulers do that?Anyway it did’nt matter as much since its FOR GAIA!I did’nt tell you about are rulers did i?Well theres Lanzer the king,VO and L0cKe the artist,Ling the gaia goddess,they were more but she only cared about them.She never got to see them though some lucky people got to see them but she was unlucky she looked up at the kingdom and sighed.
“Well maybe one day”Saimai walked to her house and decided to take a nice long nap.
The next day
Saimai woke up and had an urge to buy the Hard shell pack!And so wished and so she spend.She instantly got bored with it so she sold it and bought another Pandy in its place only to wait for a nice big inflation!Hourra!And if there is’nt any i’ll put up an auction!
The next day.
“Damn it!I sold it Ponpon!I sold Panpan!How could i?”
Saimai was so mad at herself but then a new idea spurred.
“Why don’t i start using accents ne?”
Saimai thought “ne” was nice even though it was quite bizare.
“Urg think!Fine i’ll use it,ne.”
The gaian was frustrated she wanted an accent,she thought thought thought.
“Ne?About Achoo”…..”Nah!Ne.”She sighed.”OH wait!”
Finally something strucked her brain!
“How About “Eh” Almost like ne but better,Eh?”She jumped fo r joy it worked!



Wow … I typo more back then than I do now. And I typo A LOT now. ==;And what the fuck did I mean by ‘accent’?


Well! That’s it for my memorabilia crap!

(I should post something anime related soon … )






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