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KKM!R 04 and Gundam 00 25

No screenshots.  I’m pretty lazy right now.

 KKM!R - 04


On this episode of KKM! R, the power of fucking LOVE! I honestly don’t know why I’m still watching KKM! The bishies? Wolfy? Slash? Prolly all three. But, as you can see, the word ‘PLOT’ is definitely NOT there. We get a dragon invasion defeated by a bunch of Pink Bear Bees that were born out of Gwendal’s love. GWENDAL’S LOVE. I still don’t get it. Actually, I don’t even WANT to get it … I think its funnier not getting it.

During the last 4 minutes all I’ve been doing was scream “I DON’T GET IT!” at my screen. I sounded pissed but honestly I was just laughing my head off.

I’m kinda confused about KKM! 3. If they’re ending the OVAs with the fourth one … that prolly means they’re continuin the whole Sararegi plot with the third season? Oh well, I’ll know soon enough since KKM! 3 is supposed to air on my b-day :wink: April 3 w00t! BANZAI!

Gundam 00 - 25

You know what this episode felt like? A goldmine of BL SLASH! You know what? I don’t care anymore. Every male character in this show is gay whether they acknowledge it or not. Or, at the very least, the meisters and Graham is. What’s amazing is that least gay character of them all is Set-chan. WHUT?! I may be saying that … but that’s only because he gave his shigofumi to fucking Marina.


HAHA! Pushing his hair up makes him ten times stronger? If that was the case then why didn’t they do it sooner? Oh whatever. I give up. I’m just watching for the slash anyway. I give up on watching this for a comprehensible plot.  (Hallelujah and Allelujah has become my fav ‘in same body’ slash pairing. SoraxRoxas following them)

Set-chan’s “Neraiutsu!”
HAHA! That’s Lockon’s line. *giggles* …. yeah, I’ve run out of shit to write.

-tte, who the hells that? Ex-girlfriend? Surrogate sibling? REAL sibling? Best friend? Allelujah better be alive next season. I depend explanation and he better be around to explain.

OHAI LOCKON! It’s good to see you! I’m miss you already. Now that think about it, you were the only actual normal meister of them all.

I enjoyed this line more than I should. I could listen to Set-chan saying “I AM GUNDAM!” for hours. But since I can’t, Miyano Mamoru’s counting sheep will do.

Graham’s confession of LOVE!
Dude? What is up with the fucking LOVE? But srsly, I started laughing like an idiot when Graham appeared out of NOWHERE and basically confessed his love to Set-chan.

Graham: You have single-handledly stolen my heart!This feeling … it must be LOVE!
Set-chan: Love?!

It wasn’t “I love you, go out with me!” or anything but it’s BASICALLY the same thing. And while I’m on Graham, it seems like he’s going to be the masked man! “OHEY THAT’S WHY HE’S BLOND!” The masked man is ALWAYS blond. Thank God it ain’t Lockon. Too bad the fight between the two was too short to be enjoyed. Then again, I was to busy laughing and “WTF”ing to even pay attention.

Tieria ~
OWOW! After 16 minutes we finally get to see Tieria! 16 MINUTES! Oh well, at least he said something that pleased me. There’s no way anyone can convince me otherwise. Tieria is gay for Lockon. Nope, nope. No excuses! To add to that, he even COPIED Lockon’s haircut! I mean WTF?! I repeat WTF?!

*curses* WHAT?! Why her? Did Marina even ever do anything besides say “Setsuna” every few episodes and watch TV? No, no, no. At least make her eat Pizza or something.

Four Years Later …

  • Saji’s in space, waiting for Louise who is with Tieria who was a Lockon’s haircut.
  • Green-haired guy has a harem.
  • Ali-Al is alive.
  • Graham is masked man.
  •  New gundam? (I honestly don’t understand any of the mecha talk)
  • Nena has strange colored eyes.

It is NOT fun how Tieria’s the only meister to be confirmed alive. Tho’ I highly doubt Allelujah and Set-chan are dead. Hallelujah is prolly down and out tho’ *cries* Allelujah isn’t fun without his seme-personality.

And about Tieria, why the hell is he with Louise? AND why the HELL did she cut her hair? She look like a fucking NUN.


Whatever. I don’t care anymore. I really don’t.

(Though, that doesn’t mean I won’t be watching the second season. Gundam 00 is so incomprehensible its almost actually good. I take that back. Gundam 00 is just fun to poke fun at. The slash makes it better. That said, I’m so watching the next season. Now, back to being excited for Code Geass …)

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