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Webcam : Just a few Drawings


I t’was very bored and decided to upload a few of my drawings. They were taken by my webcam … so their pretty crappy. >< The first is the oldest and the last one is the newest. ^_^

Ritsuka Aoyagi Fanart ; I’m really happy with this one actually … I think it turned real well. No complaints from me.



 L Fanart ; I like the way I wrote L’s logo .. I’m not as happy with L himself though. It was drawn on lined paper … ><



 RoyXEd Fanart ; *faints* (I is very happy with this)



 Dace Fanart ;Dace is an OC that Az from DA made … I totally love him. <3 I’m very happy with the outcome. He’s half-dead if anyones wondering why half his body’s black



 OC - SaimaiSama ; My very first ‘good’ drawing of Saimai … turned out quite nice.



 This is a very badly done character profile of Saimai-Sama



FMA Fanart - Edward ; I’m not happy with the braid. I love the eye. ^_^



 More little doodles. Dace is in the top left. A random OC is in the middle. ^_^