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March 6th 2008


For once, I was actually right. The second I heard Rosalie say “Go home where?” I knew I was right. Now that I think about it, the first episode was about Suzu’s sister. It’s pretty cool how the series ended where it started and the episode itself was very touching. As soon as I was sure Suzu died, I knew that she’d be the one to get Haruka and Kantarou back together. It was all just so touching I was about to cry.

As for my thoughts about the ending itself, I am fully satisfied. It was happy and light-hearted just as I thought it’d be. It also left an opening to a sequel which I know will probably never happen. Guess this means I’m going to have to buy the Manga after all …

Overall Tactics was a pretty awesome anime. I laughed, cried and got pissed off but in the end, it was an awesome ride. Kan-chan running away from his work, Sugino-sama and Muu-chan and Hasumi’s ‘I don’t believe in youkai’ …. all those little recurring jokes were fun. Speaking of Sugino-sama and Muu-chan … the both of them officially win the “Weirdest Couple” award!

Strangely enough, one of my favorite episodes in the series was pretty much Suzu-centric episode. It was episode 15. I don’t hate Suzu. She is a pretty awesome character. Though her affection for Haruka sort of pisses me off, I really love the things she does for him. Especially when she gave him that bottle. That “You like sparkling things, right?” K.O’d me. I couldn’t help but imagine Haruka go all Fuuko-trance-like. Very amusing image.

SLASH ALERT SLASH ALERT SLASH ALERT!  Haruka and Kan-chan win the award for “Couple that needs to come out of the Closet”. The slash is just impossible to take. The first time I wanted to hit Kan-chan was in episode one when he released Haruka. “I’ve always admired you” “I wanted to meet you” “I’ve looked for you for so long” GO ON AND CONFESS YOUR LOVE WHY DON’T YOU?!

Another time was in episode 13 when Haruka was badly injured by Raiko and Kan-chan was all like “Boku ga mamoru kara!! -crycrycry-” … At least Kan-chan has to admit he’s gay for Haruka. At least him.

The last time is in the before-last episode, when Kan-chan confesses that Haruka is his most important person.  I swear, that was the LAST straw. I REFUSE to believe Kan-chan isn’t gay or at the very least loves Haruka. AND I REFUSED to believe that it isn’t mutual. They love each other. That’s it, that’s all, the end! NO EXCUSES!!!!!!

(post to be continued)

(post to be continued)

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