Angel’s Feather OVA



So many pretty boys … too bad I can’t remember who they are

After finishing Angel’s Feather, I suddenly got the sudden urge to rant about it. Basically, I talked myself into watching it because the guys were pretty attractive. When I first heard of Angel’s Feather, I had thought it was a 13 episode BL/Twincest/(yaoi) anime. But no .. it’s just a two episode OVA.

I thought it was longer only because the plot sounded complicated. Well, I think I hit that on the mark.

Angel’s Feather squashed in, what could’ve been, a 26 … hell 52 episode anime into TWO frikken OVAs. And ahellofalotta shit happened in one ova! I mean in 30 minutes we get three guys to sprout out wings .. one with black ones who blames Kappei Yamaguchi’s character for taking away his hapiness and fighting him for NO GODDAMN reason and runs … scratch that .. FLIES off god knows where. Oh right, there’s this one guy (who’s seiyuu does Murata from KKM) who has a magic healing flute. Erm … Hikaru Midorikawa’s character and Kappei Yamaguchi’s character are OBVIOUSLY twins but Midorikawa’s character denies it … not to mention acts all angsty

”my life has no meaning” and he has a lover who has a chained around his wrist (kinky)

No smex scene, though. Not even a hint of twincest … or maybe a bit … to be found.

At the very least … they could’ve hinted to some yaoi …. that would’ve compensated for the lack of a comprehensible plot.

Alright what else? Oh right, there’s also some wanna-be bad guy who looks like Gunter from KKM (with Yuki Eiri’s seiyuu) … and who the hell gives a damn for the other characters without backgrounds.

The two twins are SUPPOSEDLY main characters but .. there isn’t much interaction between the two … and their flashbacks remind me too much of sukisho.


Well, basically … I wouldn’t watch this if I were you. ==;

I would if someone would make a 52 episode anime out of it, though … with some more BL.

Oh, speaking of BL … Even KKM had more shounen-ai than Angel’s Feather could ever hope to have. Talk about a disapointement. ==;


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