An Otaku’s Room <3 - or at Least a Start Towards it



Haruhi says ”Welcome to Saimai-Sama’s room, bitches!!!”

Well, most of my Anime/Manga and whatnot are stored into my crap of computer.

So, I basically don’t have much anime related things in my room … Also, I’m only 14 so I can’t get a hold of money that easily either. I guess that’ll start to change once I get a job … and a credit card.




When I get into my room … this is the first thing I see. The main attraction is probably my closet door … Not much variety in anime or anything … had no ink and I’m low on magazines … nonetheless I still love my door. I have a small desk thing in that empty corner (where the black wire is) … but I took these pics before I got the desk.

I’ve also got my Near and Mello - Death Note poster over my mirror and two spiral ~suiri no kizuna~ posters beside my window. The top one is of Eyes Rutherford (whose seiyuu is Akira Ishida-sama !!) and the bottom one we have Kanone (top left) Eyes-kun (top right) and Ayumu.




The picture above is my room before I painted it. My room was still REAL crap … so compared to back then and now … I prefer now.




Okay now this is where I spend more than half my time. My desk, big surprise, eh? Anyways, I have my Ouran High School Host Club poster on the left … that was nicest one I could find at the Anime Store in Chinatown. Then we have my favorite poster over my computer , I would’ve preferred having Lawl- I mean L …. (and, no … I was NOT about to say a spoiler … really) Oh yeah! And I forgot about my Shakugan no Shana poster up there. Next up is my little closet thing *points to right side of pic*








I have more pics than this … but … they were all virtually the same and I’m too lazy to upload ‘em all. Let’s start with my bookshelves … um, sadly I don’t have much manga and the almost half of them are french (since I live in Quebec) … I have some volumes of Yugioh! … it was the first manga I’ve read, go figure. I’ve got one anime-manga of Cardcaptors … Kare Kano (his and her circumstances), fruits basket, Inuyasha (my first anime love), Comic Party, Yureka (manwha), Kenshin, Full Moon, DNAngel, Cyber Idol Mink (first Shoujo I’ve ever read), Chobits, D-Gray-Man, .Hack//Legend of the Twilight, Mahou Sensei Negima!, Kiss me Princess (not shown in pic - manwha) and Loveless.

I also have a Icha Icha Paradise (the pr0n book Kakashi read) notebook. (I sure would like to have a death note tho’)


I also have some DVDs … the first three movies of Inuyasha, Chrno Crusade (all episodes) and the first dvd of DNAngel. And finally, on the second shelf towards the left, I’ve got one Inuyasha artbook, an FFX-2 and KH2 walkthrough, some Shojo Beat magazines and … yeah.


Last picture, we have my Suna Siblings poster as well as my 23 recorded tapes of Inuyasha. I’ve got episode 10 to 100 something in those tapes … they were all recorded from YTV.


P.S; I’ve only got a lot of Inuyasha Merchandise ‘cuz my obsession with it lasted almost two years. It was my first anime too … even tho’ I kind of resent it now (the last ep of Inuyasha ruined it all for me)




My Bed. I’ve got my first anime (Inuyasha) poster and KuroFay, MelloNear, SasuNaru, (the hidden one) NaruHina, (one you can’t see at all tho’) HikaruKaoru fanart. The Sora and Sunao art is from the Game (the 2nd one, I think) …


And I guess that’s it! Well actually I’ve two more posters I didn’t show … but doesn’t matter. For the record, it’s a GSD and Naruto Poster.

I would’ve posted more stuff … but I’m low on time, so I’ll probably update this post on my next break.








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