Yaoi Marathon - Haru wo Daiteita



After realizing that for the past week I’ve only been watching Yaoi OVAs, I’ve decided to review every single one I’m watching. Since I just finished Haru wo Daiteita, I’ll start with it.

After watching Winter Cicada (which I’ll review today after MMVII), I’ve decided to watch Haru wo Daiteita … since these two OVAs seem to follow each other. I’m not sure why … so I’d appreciate it if someone would tell me the relation between these two fantastic OVAs


I don’t really like the ANN summary, so I’ll make one myself ;

Kyousuke Iwaki and Youji Katou are both adult video actors (Katou being much less experienced tho’). While filming for erotic television series Katou starts developing feelings for Iwaki and, in an attempt to prove the extent of his feelings, moves in with him. The both of them are constantly pressured by the media, pestered by a young photographer (a cute one, at that), another gay actor and an eccentric superior.


This OVA is definitely my favorite OVA yet … then again, I haven’t watched many. Nonetheless, despite the kind of rushed feeling and underdeveloped péripéties, it was a great watch.

(Péripéties means something along the lines of events of a story in French)







The animation was pretty, the smex was brief but they were well-placed and hawt, the voice actors rock my socks and … I don’t know what else. But all that definitely outweighs the rushed feeling and the underdeveloped sub-plots; like the scandal of Katou and the unknown woman … or that Gay Actor’s past (can’t remember his name) … Which, ironically all happened in the second OVA.

Anyways, all in all, this OVA is definitely worth watching especially for those who want Yaoi without the really hard stuff.


Animation ; 9/10

Seiyuu ; 10/10

Plot ; 7/10

Overall ; 8.5/10


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