MMVII - Part One - White Eclipse



To all those who don’t give a fuck about GaiaOnline, please leave … or succumb to my negative rant about Gaia’s failed attempt to make a short movie.



Okay … so the movie wasn’t THAT bad … it did have it good points … I just can’t think of any at the moment. Anyways! For those who already go on Gaia … I’m pretty sure you know what MMVII is … if you don’t then let me enlighten you. If you don’t give a damn … then why are you reading?


The once peaceful world of Gaia is on the brink of unavoidable chaos. An age-old prophecy has begun to materialize, filling all who know of it with a sense of impending doom. Louie Von Helson - the heir to Gaia’s most powerful vampire coven - is sent on a murder mission by his father, Vladimir Von Helson. The targe, his brother. Louie sets out into the night but the darkness hold unexpected distractions. At war with his birthright and the world, Louie must determine the lives of millions. As the prophecy descends upon Gaia, some take to the shadows, and some to the light.


First Rant;

I lol at how many times gaia used ‘most-powerful’ to describe their characters. First there was Johnny K. Gambino (most powerful man in Gaia), Gino Gambino (son of the most powerful man in Gaia), The Olsen Von Helson Twins (most powerful women in Gaia) … and now Louie Von Helson heir to Gaia’s most powerful vampire coven … how about heir to the ONLY vampire coven in Gaia ==;

– okay, now about the Move itself!


The trailer of MMVII was great … too bad the short itself wasn’t. The location and animation of the first few seconds were beautiful! I was blown away … but, when Vlad *points at Mr.Pointing at You* and Zhivago (sp?) *points below*


… started talking I couldn’t help but think. Oh gods, not another Clichéd plotline ==; Admittedly, the Gaia plot has always been pretty clichéd to me … but I still enjoy the mangas … I guess the Cell Shading just doesn’t appeal to me. Anyways … then Mr.VampireBishie (a.k.a Louie) appears …


Ugh … 2D Louie’s hotter … but I guess 3D-ish Louie isn’t that BAD … nothing can be worst than …


THIS MONSTROSITY! Wtf?! Moira … what the fuck happened to you? And where the FUCK is your Tattoo? AND WHY ARE YOU OUT AT NIGHT WHEN IT’S SNOWING WITHOUT A JACKET?! *cough* Besides, Louie just pounced on you and you’re smiling? That’s just like saying ‘fuck me, goddamnit!’


Right after pouncing on her tho’, Louie runs off to go eat a wolf. Moira runs after him and GODS, she runs like she just shit her pants. ==; I’m serious! Anyways, White Eclipse is definitely not an Oscar nominee … for sure … I won’t say CRAP either (I said it haha) because the Admins probably worked hard on this and whatnot. I won’t rant any further either since the GCD was filled with negative and slight positive feedback last night. If you went to the GCD yesterday you know what I’m talking about.

All I can say is that I hope the second part (Flower of the Night) will be much better.



MMVII - White Eclipse - Click to Watch

MMVII - Trailer - Click to Watch


Shojo Beat Ad for MMVII (If only they made the movie with these Graphics)


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