Gundam 00, CLANNAD and Myself ; Yourself

The seasons’ finally started ~ yahoo for new things to watch! ^_^

So far, Gundam, CLANNAD and Myself ; Yourself are the only Fall Anime I’ve watched. I pretty sure Shana and DCII came out as well … but I’m going to finish their first seasons before getting to them.

Gundam 00

OP and ED; Even though the OP is done my L’arc~en~ciel, I didn’t enjoy very much. Well, I can’t say I hate it but I can’t say it stook with me that good. On the other hand, I liked the ED, which is extremely rare.


Thoughts on Episode; Admittedly, it wasn’t the most exiting first episode I’ve ever since. But considering I haven’t seen many Gundam Series … I can’t say much … that’s also considering that I’m one of those fans who liked GS. Anyways, the animation was pretty and I can’t complain about that.

Seiyuu; The main character, Setsuna is voiced by Miyano Mamoru, yep; the same guy who did Light (Death Note) and Tamaki (Ouran). At any rate, because of that, I can’t stop thinking of Setsuna as Light. That pissed me off slightly since I don’t like Light very much which a shame because Setsuna’s adorable (I’m weird, I know). As for the rest, I’ve got nothing to say, I don’t know any other seiyuu in this anime … or more I didn’t recognize anyone else.

Oh well, whatever, I’m probably going to enjoy this so I’m continuing.


OP and ED; I can’t remember the music very well, but I do remember I liked the animation A LOT. As expected of KyoAni, after all. The OP was really reminiscent of Kanon … with less snow, but it was nice nontheless. The ED was Dango song thing … er… didn’t like that much, but oh well.

Thoughts on the episode; I really liked it … so much I watched it three times in a row. Anyways, the animation was flawless and the episode was kind of fast-paced; which allowed a lot of things to happen. I won’t complain because I prefer fast-paced anime than slow-paced ones. I wasn’t totally awe-strucked but it met all expections. ^_^

Myself ; Yourself

Honestly, I don’t really remember much about the first episode … but I did like it (is it me or am I being really forgetful right now?). XD . I think the only reason I’m keeping an eye on this one is because of that one girl who slapped the main guy. YAHOO!

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