misunderstandings - an Original BL Fic



Alright … I swear I have a perfectly good reason for postponing Winter Cicada, really.

The thing is, I’ve currently re-awakened from my artistic-like slump and decided to jump back into my BL Fic project … which I started about 3 and a half months ago … *cough* Basically, I’ve been writing the plot for about three days straight now (in my mind) … and all in all … it turned to be extremely enjoyable … but really random.

I have a thing for sub-plots and angsty-like backgrounds … so you’ll find that in my story too … nonetheless, I think I came out with a pretty good storyline … I’m not sure whether I will post in on Aarinfantasy or not … but I’ve decided to make a page for misunderstandings here in my blog. If you like random ‘omgwtfbbq’ type plots … I think you’ll like it ^_^

I only have a extremely short prelude done … I’ll update as soon as I can.

((I’ll post up my Winter Cicada review … eventually …))






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