Hagaren - Full Metal Alchemist


Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s First Law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world’s one, and only, truth.

Hagane no Renkenjutsushi … Hagaren … Full Metal Alchemist … FMA … whatever rocks your boat.


FMA is one of the animes I never thought I’d watch. Let’s just say I had something against anime that show on YTV, Adult Swim and so on … despite that I ended up watching it … and not only that … I watched it DUBBED. Wow! I sure surprised myself there … really.


Anyways, first time I saw FMA was when it aired for the first time on YTV. I watched the two first episodes and was slightly interested. I didn’t hate the dub either … but I was a budding anime fan back then. After seeing the two first on TV, I watched up to episode 10 on youtube. I stopped after that for god knows what reason. That was probably over a year ago.


After all that … what is that brought FMA back to me? Well, it was a song. Aren’t I original?

(I’m telling you the truth, though) It was the song Brother … Vic Mignogna’s Version. After listening to it … I knew I had to watch the anime again. I watched them all relentlessly …

20 episodes on Saturday, 27 episodes Monday Evening after school and this morning I woke up early before school to watch two more. About three hours ago, I watched the last episodes I had left … then I watced the movie.

I was hooked. Totally HOOKED. Like a baby and his candy. I.R.O.N.Y


After watching it, I understand why FMA was so popular. It’s a BEAUTIFUL series. I was completely satisfied after 51 episodes and the movie. I didn’t have any questions concerning the plot anymore … which is extremely rare for me… I always questions!


Animation … beautiful, Music … beautiful, Plot … beautiful, Characters … beautiful. Everything was flawless.


Last point, the reason I watched FMA dubbed; It is rare that I like a dub … but it is even RARER that I prefer the dub over the japanese. Before FMA, I only preferred the dub of .Hack//Roots and .Hack//Sign over the japanese. Well, I’m adding FMA to my list. Maybe it’s the english-like names … and the western-like setting … but the dub still rules … and I have, now, a newfound respect for Vic. (I’m still not happy with him dubbing Yukito-Air and Fay-Tsubasa, though!)



Well, this brings me onto ANOTHER subject … the subject being … FMA YAOI … ugh, I can’t stand it … or maybe … I couldn’t stand it. Admittedly, I think I’ve become attached to RoyXEd … though I haven’t seen any artwork or doujin or fanfic of it. I just slashed it while watching. Basically I think I’ll give FMA YAOI a chance. =)

P.S; Despite me being and incest lover … Armor AlXEd is still NASTY!



*cough* … Alright … so maybe EnvyXEd isn’t that bad either.

… I’ve already fallen for this. ^_^;;;

What’sHisNameXRoy … erm … not quite sure I like Roy being uke. =\

This works, yes. Do I like it? No idea.

Um … I’m guessing this type of AlXEd is fine. ><


Even if you don’t understand Japanese … I think the message is clear. XD


Last Picture. >< Seriously.



I’m sorry Ed, really … XD You’re not straight to me anymore.



Anyways, this post has gotten too long … ==; So I’m ending it now. XD This isn’t going to be the last I rant about FMA … for sure.


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