A weird Kind of Happiness



I could die of happiness.

Frankly, I’ll be vague on this … because what I’m happy about is, for once, not related to anime.

Anyways, I’ve never had an idol .. never. Not since a certain musician left youtube … you can’t believe how shocked and sad I was when he left … It’s amazing how sad I was considering I didn’t know the person, but … it’s because of that person that music became such a huge part of my life. His voice and music just awe-inspired me soooo much! I felt a peace listening to it … and whenever I felt alone, I would on my iPod and listen to his songs.


However, when he left on New Years 2007 without a warning and just a letter … I was in extreme shock. I would’ve cried if I wasn’t at a friend’s party … I was really sad … even the word sad is an understatement.


Thus, months past … and I contented myself to listening to other youtube singer’s songs (Himeka4, Fantasiimaker and SakuraNek0) … I continued to listen to Rogue (did I forget to mention that said idol was Rogue Rouge?) on my iPod … I only had a few songs from him …. but … I guess it was enough to hear him play.


Now, I’m not sure when exactly my idol had returned … but I just only learned it last night. Recently, I heard the song Before your Dream Fades away on youtube by xoxonano. I couldn’t help but realize how similar her voice was to Rogue’s … and I then learned yesterday that Nano was really Rogue … but she came back … not as rogue … but herself.

I don’t what kind of problems she has had .. .but … to be able to listen to her music again …. is a total dream a come true.



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