How can you say no to that Face?



Srsly … Who on earth is cruel enough to say no?

Kohori-kun is beyond adorable! He just screams UKE >< And poor me, who has an cute uke complex, I just died seeing that face! GAH! I just wanna take him in my arms and keep him there!!!



Risa’s going to be in deep shit if she gets caught with Kohori by Otani … damn. I know everything will probably work out in the end … but … the suspense of how that’s going to happen kills me.


If I’m lucky, Kohori will end up with Seiko … I’ m hoping so. ^_^ Besides, Kohori’s too cute to be straight. It’s against the law to be that cute!! Well, his cuteness doesn’t pwn Ryuichi’s though … he’s still the cutest (despite being 31 years old ==;)



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