Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ FIN



Dun dun.

I just watched the last episode (12) of ZnT II … strange … that was quick.

Anywways! At some point in the episode I seriously thought that they might kill off Saito.

I don’t know why … but I think I would’ve liked that ending … instead of bringing him back to life by a big-breasted fairy we know nothing about. Well, that big-breasted fairy is what leads me to conclude that ZnT is NOT over yet.


But, you know what I think? I think that they should have just made a 26 episode season instead. ==; Why must they condense so much shit in 13 episodes anyway? That Agn├Ęs arc thing took practically half the season … they should have focused more on other stuff … like the war … anyways, this season left me with quite a handful of questions …

1; How long was Saito with the huge chested Fairy?

2; Is the war over yet?

3; Who the fuck is that Fairy in the first place?

4; … How did Saito find his way back?

5; Who the hell is she?

Unless I’m deaf or was totally NOT paying attention … I’m pretty sure we know nothing about this bitch either. ==; Having just watched Hagaren (or F.M.A) I’m thinking

‘HAHA! Maybe she’s a homunculus! XD!’ Well, she reminds of Lust .. in some kind of way I guess.

6; Couldn’t they have ended ZnT with Louise and Saito on good terms? (Well, Louise did smile while she blasted Saito … but maybe she smiled because she’s a sadist)

7; Where’s Julio?


Basically … I’m unsatisfied. It didn’t suck monkey balls or anything … but it would’ve been better as a 26 episode series. I think maybe I should read the Novel … less fanservice (I think?)


Oh yeah, last thing, I was kind of hoping Louise to tell her blond Sister (what’s her name?) that she and Saito got married. That would’ve made my day.



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