Tsubasa Chronicle - Falling for the lowly Side Character


Like him.


And him on the left.


AND, Silver hair and Orange googles-san.


There are times when I hate myself. And this is one of them. It might seem weird .. but I ALWAYS end up really liking these frikken side characters! Like Ryuuoh (first pic), or what’s his name (second name) and Shougo (sp? Third pic). Total arg-ness. What’s sad is that I normally fall for the side characters that don’t normally come back after two episodes … or even worst they appear to simply die (SOLDIER A!! LOL)

This time, I’m lucky, that what I watching is tsubasa chronicle. Yay! The simple fact that characters from other worlds can appear in another world is hope enough for me. I liked Shougo from the get-go and when I saw what’s his name in that arc with the little girl and her dead mother who gave her a mirror I totally loved him … then there’s Ryuuoh who I probably extremely loved because his voiced by one of my fav. seiyuus (Minagawa Junko-san)

Oh btw, excuse me for not remembering the names of certain people. It’s a bad habit, I know. Even worst, this happens to me in real life too. ==; Imagine my embarassement when I’m in class and I’m asked to give something to another student and I say … ‘who’s that again?’ ==; Oh dear lord, save me.

… this post is starting to not make sense … @_@ guess I’ll end it here and got back to Tsubasa (28 episodes out of 52 yay!)


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