Heads Up!


I haven’t posted in a while :\ I’ve been kind of busy with other shit lately. Namely my return to Gaia. lol. I’ve been going on so much that I haven’t been following Anime much anymore. Bad me. I’ve also been drawing and writing a lot more too … so that’s nice. My mines just kind of full of stuff to do! At home on the computer, that is. Out of my haven (my room) I’m a dead corpse. xP

Anyways, I’m reading new moon by Stephenie Meyer and I’m now obsessed with the series. Really obsessed. Then, I’ve finally managed to draw Saimai. Admittedly, she’s changed a lot over the years, but now she’s completed. History, background, appearance and all! When I draw I version I deem worthy to post, I’ll post it up! ^_^I’ve a got a draft of her face but … I’m not really sure what to do with her clothes. :\ I’ll have to think more about it. I also noticed that my art improve quite a lot. I don’t need to trace as much anymore for my art to turn out good. xP

Hm what else? Well, not much. ==; I’ll have a fixed Fall season schedule by friday. Hopefully …



I <3 Dace!

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