Attempt at Using MS Paint ; Fail or Success?


Tada! My curious attempt at trying to use MS Paint to draw. It seems I didn’t turn out as bad as I expected it to … so I’m very happy. Obviously, its an oekaki of Saimai (my persona) … ;; I’m not sure whether or not I’m keeping this color scheme … Saimai’s hair is red like Shana’s but I used Mahogany here …


┬áThis is the drawing before I colored it. Um … yeah, very sketchy. I started this around 4 or 5pm … so It took me around 1.5hrs to finish the sketch then I colored it for about 3.5hrs. All in all it took me 5hrs to do. >< I didn’t have any homework … so lucky me. ^_^


Well, since I brought Saimai up, I should a quick profile of her.


Name; Saimai

Apparent Age; 17

Real Age; Kinkoku Jikou desu~


Hair Color; Crimson Hair

Eyes; Amber Gold

Height; 5′2″

Weight; 90 lbs.



she has two of these. their basically mini-scythes.


I’ll write up her Personality and Background some time soon.

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