Fall 2007


Finally. ==;

Now that my hand is officially tired of drawing, I’ve finally been able to watch all the anime I’ve missed.

I’ve hit a new record for myself this season actually … I’m currently following ten shows. Normally I give up on many after the first episode but there a lot this season that I’m giving a chance. Which is rare for me, I’m a tough critic. XD



#10 - Rental Magica

Okay, I’ve watched the first two episodes of this and some part of me is still saying ‘give it a chance, it might get better!’ Actually, I don’t really think so. I’m not really into this type of shounen … besides the main protagonist (what’s his name?) is pretty pathetic and his eye patch looks gay. I might be wrong (30%) and continue watching this … but I think I’ll drop it soon.


#9 - Prism Ark

I don’t like animes based off games … in general. I like the [dot]hack series, but that’s about it. I decided to give Prism Ark a try because of the pretty animation. After the watching the first episode, I’m still not sure whether I’m interested or not. According to ANN, this show will last 12 episodes, which is pretty short … there’s 50% chance on me watching this to the end.


#8 - Myself ; Yourself

*gigglesnort* What kind of fucked up title is Myself ; Yourself anyway? Well, I don’t know, but because of that fucked up title I’ve decided to watch it. Also, after watching the first few eps, I find myself kind of like Sana. He’s pretty cool. Then again, I might end up hating him by the end for one reason or another. Anyways, Aoi-chan’s annoying voice aside, I kind of like this series.


#7 - ef - tale of memories

Very Neat animation. Really really neat animation, actually. Too bad I don’t really understand the plot of this show. ;; I’m going to continue anyway, though. Hopefully, it’ll make sense later on.


#6 - Shugo Chara!

I like Amu’s style. *cough* Magical Eggs and Humpty Dumpty aside, I really like this type of shoujo anime. *embarrassed* I’m watching this to end. ^_^


#5 - Kodomo no Jikan

Those who’ve read the manga told me to give this a chance since its really sweet … I’m giving it a chance and so far I like it (no idea why, I just do).


#4 - Minami - ke




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