Another totally unproductive week goes by … (I think.)

I noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a while so here’s a post.


Once again, I’ve done nothing that can be considered productive this week. Not that that’s anything new.

Anyways, I’m really far behind on my anime right now … I’m basically only up to date with CLANNAD, Genshiken and Shugo Chara! … say whut? I’m behind by at least one episode for everything else. Gah! ><




So what HAVE I been doing if I wasn’t watching anime? Well, plenty actually. I’ve been working on my art and writing a new story. Yeah, I’ve kind of given up on misunderstanding and wilted rose … nothing new. However, this time I’m bent on finishing the one I’m writing!

Its called Dark Crimson. I was SUPPOSED to be a alternate-world adventure type novel but … I killed that concept and went for the vampires instead! w00t~ No clue if I’ll be sticking with the new concept though. I’ll try writing a chapter and see how it goes before making a final decision.

I’ve been also reading BL comics on smackjeeves. A comic called ‘Brand New’ by Ryo Ogawa being one of them ~ (this comic causing me to fall in love with L’arc-en-ciel)

Lastly, I’ve once again fallen into my Death Note fandom obsession!

Of all my fandoms, Death Note is my favorite. Maybe because Death Note yaoi is what got me into Yaoi in the first place ^__^


I read a fanfic called ‘The Sin of Defiance’ on Livejournal the other day and totally LOVED it! It was EPIC. No other way to explain it.



Crappy quality, I’m too lazy to scan it.


Anyways, this is my unfinished attempt at drawing a little bit more realistic … looks crappier on the picture though. If I had shaded it and finished it, I don’t think it would half bad. Either way, I’m not drawing this style ever again. Anime style is more my speed.




In other news ~ I’ve finally written a BL fic! Just a short drabble though ~

It’s a Death Note one of course. The concept came to me in a dream @_@;;; (as do most of my story concepts)

Y’see, in my dream, I was at an anime convention cosplaying Matt (In my dream I somehow miraculously grew 8 inches! Har har). Though I did not really know how I looked due to the lack of mirrors, but I must’ve done a good Matt because girls were staring with those fangirl eyes (I’m a girl,though … weird)

Anyways, I was taking shots with a dude cosplaying Mello and another girl cosplaying Near. At some point I t’was doing a skit with Mello.

 Me t’was sitting down, playing some game on teh PSP and then Mello comes (he is eating teh choco bar).

I look up from my game. “What took you so fucking long?”

Mello tells me he had to go look for a vending machine that had chocolate. Then, I get up, take a huge bite from his choco bar and  he glares at me. I tell him to come and get the chocolate if he still wants it … well, I guess you know what comes next.

I basically made a short drabble out of that @@;; I’m glad that the person cosplaying Mello was a guy >< I’m not lesbian! Not that I have anything against them, though.




I’ll post up my drabble once I have it written on my comp. I did it at school so it’s on paper right now ~


see? XD


Anyways, that’s all I’ve got to say for now ~ back to reading Death note Sims2 crack ~

that ^ to be precise.


tootles!chipper much? Bye! XD

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