Every Rose’s Thorns ….


Bah! I finally managed to actually PUT something on my fanfiction account! OHOHO!

Actually, I didn’t even remember HAVING a fanfiction acount until a few days ago @_@;;; Retarded much?

Anyways, I decided it’d be smart to post something up! So I wrote up a few Death Note drabbles and their now posted there!

I wasn’t really expecting anyone to read it … but I got reviews anyways! Awww ><

That made me happy. Really.




Please read them if you have the time, nyu ~


Okay, now to the main point! I posted up a one-shot on there called Every Rose’s Thorns. It’s a fic I wrote about two of the characters in my upcoming story “Dark Crimson”

I said this in the notes I put for the fic, but I’ll say it again;

Scythe and Kira are NOT canon in Dark Crimson. T__T

I made them, yes. I could make them gay for each other if I wanted … but I won’t ~ nyu!


Anyways, I’m currently working on Dark Crimson right now *its been almost a month actually*

Y’see, I had to change the premise quite a few times and now I’m with ‘fantasy vampire’ concept. I think I’m going to keep this one actually … so you can look forward to that!

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