Tsubasa Chronicle REVELATIONS OVA 1




Somehow, I managed to forget about TC’s OVA! This morning when I saw the torrent for it was OVERJOYED! Well, that’s kind of an understatement but anyways!


REVELATIONS is going to be three-episode OVA which follows the anime series. I don’t know if it’ll be the end however. I haven’t arrived far enough in the manga to know what’s going to happen … so everything is surprise, suprise for me.

Even so, there were things I was totally right about! Like the fact that they’ll be in Tokyo and that Kamui is gonna be around!

KAMUI! I totally love you! KAAMUUUIIII!!! *dies*


Ahem! Anyway, about Kamui ’s seiyuu … Miyano Mamoru. As expected, Kamui sounds EXACTLY like Raito. *cries* I don’t hate it … far from that actually. But, GAH! I’m just not used to it! It’s so … so strange! I feel like I’m listening to Raito not Kamui! *sniffles*

Plus, I hate Raito so this just makes it harder for me.

The animation’s pretty … but there’s something that’s bothering me.

I don’t have screenshot … since I’m lazy … but were Fai and Kuro’s shoulder ALWAYS that broad? Anyways, I’ll go watch it again … maybe I’m just hallucinating.


That aside, I’m real pleased with the OVA and I can’t wait for the next one! From the ED, Fai’s going to be losing his eye sometime soon >< I can’t really remember what I’ve heard about that subject from those who read the manga … but I know there’s something about vampires.

I’m not sure what I’m talking about but I was thinking … is Kamui a vamp?


Those are TOTALLY vampiric eyes. And look at his skin … its so pale! Kamui’s got to be vamp.

So, if I’m right, then there should be another vampire somewhere … because Seishiro said he was looking for two of them. From the ED, again, I could guess who the other vampire is.



These two are like made for each other. I’ve got to watch X soon …. ><


 AND LOOKIE! So-called real Syaoran has awakened! dun dun!


That girl with the poofy black curly hair sends him to Yuuko … I’m also really confused about all this ‘Dream’ business.


Oh, and last thing, Sakura was sleeping the entire episode. At some point though she supposedly DEAD tho’, Kura said something about her not breathing. I wasn’t really paying attention because the scene looked like Kuro was going to rape Sakura. *cough*


About the two people I think are vampires … well, I think its these two ^_^ But that’s not really the point here. The point REALLY is how TOTALLY BISHIE *dies* Kamui is!

I mean look at him! Beautiful hair, beautiful face, expression! GORGEOUS NECKLACE! AND!

THAT WAIST! So thin … so GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *dies in pool of blood*



This post has been terminated and will probably not be continued at a later time due to the unexpected death of the writer. May you rest in peace, Saimai.




And since I’m still alive, let’s end the post with a gorgeous shot from the ED, which I totally ADORE! <3




Srry,  ’bout the song lyrics … I’ve got bad timing when it comes to screen shots! ><


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