Damn! Not again. *cries*




Just when I promised myself I wouldn’t get myself grounded anymore. *sigh* Sometimes its hard being an otaku when no one else around is … no one seems to understand the reason why you do things. God, that pisses me SO DAMN MUCH! Actually, last night I stayed up late playing Lunia (which I downloaded a few days ago) and couldn’t wake up this morning. I end up missing first period Media Communications and my Dad ended up lecturing me about how I’m being a useless human being.

Well, he didn’t say it directly, but I’m sure that’s what he meant. Then again, what the hell do I know? I’m just a whiney anti-social delinquent teenager who’s obsessed the Japanese visual culture. I kept quiet during the entire lecture but when my dad came to pick me up after school and continued it … I lost my temper (naturally).

“I didn’t do anything!” “I don’t sleep THAT late!” “I do study!”

I wasn’t lying either, ‘cept the latter might be only half true though. At any rate, I ended up getting grounded (again) for indefinite amount of time. I’ll bet my dad hopes that I’ll grow out of my anti-social otaku state. Sadly, I highly doubt I can keep myself away from anime. Besides, even if I don’t watch anime for a while, that still doesn’t make me revert back to the out-going athletic person I was before anime. Too bad for my dad, I’m not planning on becoming a normal human being anytime soon. Nor am I going to grow out of anime.

Coming from me, that’s a shock, since I don’t stick to anything for more than a few months. I tend to get bored of everything quickly which is quite a pain. That fact that anime is so diverting must be the second reason I enjoy it so much.

Ugh, my hour is coming to an end. So I can’t continue this post any further. I had to tell my dad that I had a VERY VERY important project for school to do but he only gave me an hour.

Anyways, hopefully I’ll be able to get un-grounded soon.

By the way, if I sounded like a whine teenager up there, then … well sorry. I AM a whiney teenager after all. I guess I should be glad that I only have two years and a half left of mandatory education. I live in Québec, so that’s five years of high school and I’m in my third. Then, I’ll be able to get a place of my own where no one can tell me to get off the computer!

On a good note, I did start writing Dark Crimson! The plot had GREATLY changed since I wrote “Every Rose’s Thorns”, but the relationship between characters are relatively the same. I’m done with the prologue and first chapter. Their pretty short but they send the message right so I’m keeping the that way. I told myself I’d finish the book by next summer. If it turns out good enough, I might even publish it. But I don’t think my writing good enough to be published.

Well, It’s worth trying I guess.

Oh right, I started watching Ef - tale of memories - the other day and Chihiro inspired me to continue writing poetry so started filing up one of my notebooks with a lot of poems and noticed that they were following each other into quite the story. It ended becoming slightly erotic at some point tho’ … I kind of shocked myself.

Probably happened because I watched ‘Moonlight Lady’ before writing the ero ones. It fits though, so I won’t scrap them. If ever I get ungrounded, I’ll post up some of the good ones.

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