Code Geass - Lelouch of Rebellion - Episode 22


Don’t my contacts look awesome? They, like, totally pwn having a Death Note


Damn. I stop watching this anime for three months and when I start watching it again, I get this!! ==;


Just when I thought all that everything would slowly come to a peaceful end … Lelouch’s Geass goes out of control. Why?! If he just didn’t take off his helmet … or blinked or did ANYTHING! Euphie wouldn’t have gone insane. (Well, she didn’t but she still gave out the order to kill all the Japanese)


Although, to be honest, I totally cracked up when she said ‘Could you please all die?’

I mean, who wouldn’t have cracked?


On a site note, I remember when I first watched Code Geass, I’d always compare it to Death Note.




They’re both smart (extremely) and they both have a dream (god, that sounded bad)

Should I add Insanity to the list too? Plus, they both have code names!! Haha (Zero and Kira) They both have some mysterious power given to them by a suspicious person.

(How can a Shinigami and a green-haired girl who likes pizza not be suspicious?)


The point is, THEY’RE ALIKE! In more ways than one, lol.


Well, to say the truth, I always thought Lelouch was better. He actually has emotion unlike the lying asshole we all know to be Raito; fuck that bastard. Lelouch is way more attractive too x3 (just had to say that)



Anyways, after Episode 22 I feel more for Lelouch. I felt like giving him a hug when he gave the order to find and KILL Euphemia. Uguu ~


Oh right, last note, I still hate Suzaku. I don’t find him cute. I hate him. He’s extremely pathetic to my eyes. Dunno why, I just really hate him. ==; When he was like ‘I have to find Euphie!’ I thought ‘I hope the Lelouch and co. find her first!!!’



(omg … I just noticed I hate about every single character in this show ‘cept for Lelouch, C.C, Kallen and that president girl … oh, and her so-called husband. x)


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