With Fuuko’s arc done, it seems we’re going into Kotomi’s arc. Before I get into that, I’d like to say that Fuuko’s arc was really touching, especially towards the end. Also, this episode did well in transitioning both arcs.

Oh lookie! It’s an ‘another world’ scene ~ yay. We haven’t seen this in a while … not that it matters since it still confuses me. @_@

Tomoya starts calling Nagisa by her given name. How cute. I don’t really care though because I don’t like Nagisa all that much. I did like the Fuuko flashback ^_^ It fit in so well. I’m happy that they aren’t going to completely forget her ~ yay!


Tomoya ends up making Kotomi introduce herself to Kyou, Ryou, Nagisa and Tomoyo. Sad how Tomoyo didn’t get a single line. T_T

I missed this. There’s no more counter though, haha.

Kotomi-chan’s horrible Violin playing.

Well, by the looks of it … Kotomi’s arc will focus on her making friends, playing the violin and … I think she has problems with her parents too considering how sad she looked when the Bread Lady mentionned them.


‘Tomoya-kun, konnichiwa.” line

“ijime-ko? (bully)” line

Kotomi trying to pull off a tsukkomi.

“REVONGE!” - Youhei’s pathetic english. Priceless.

That scene where Kotomi, Nagisa and Ryou introduce themselves. Tomoya interrupts Kyou’s introduction and gets kicked. (I loved that scene)



PS: Whooopeee! I managed to regain access to internet *sniff* My dad says he won’t punish me anymore if I wake up on time in the morning, do my schoolwork before going on the computer and be ‘more present in the house’

The latter will probably require a little more effort though … I’m used to locking myself up in the room after all. >< Anyways, I’m off to watch Genshiken ^_^

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