Gundam 00 - 09

Self-identification problems, gundam 00 09

I don’t know why, but … I just really liked this episode. The meisters are becoming my number one source of slash, I can’t stop slashing everything. Damn Yaoi fucking vision. When Hallelujah started talking to Allelujah (or is it the other way around?) I was just like ‘Hmm … yum XD’. Lately, I’ve been starting to like pairings who share the same body ==; its awkward but oh-so-beautiful (DaisukeXDark, SunaoXRan, HallelujahXAllelujah, …)

Another thing I liked about this episode was Virtue becoming Nadleeh and Tieria becoming a girl.

Okay, that last one was a lie. Then again, it might be true … I think. Actually I’m just confused. At some point in this episode Tieria was having some self-identification problems and was saying ‘I’ in its different forms; Ore wa …. Boku wa … Watashi wa …
Maybe Tieria’s genderless … maybe.


I want a boyfriend like Saji, ‘cept not as weak-willed. I always like those kind, quiet, feminine-ish guys. They’re so adorable. Then again, the opposite is always good too. Or maybe I just don’t mind at all ….


It’s GN- something or other! Ugh, I’m not a total mecha fan so I don’t care much for the names … I only watch Gundam because of the character development in it. I don’t normally enjoy mecha. Also, its a great source for angst … haha.



Allelujah is so full-uke in that second pic. Damn …. I gotta stop slashing these things. >< Anyways, there’s a lot of crying in this episode … Tieria cried, Allelujah cried and that girl um …. Sumeragi cried. We all make fucking mistakes! But don’t stop crying about it. Crying makes me squee. I love the meisters ~ <3 I wanna Setsuna cry. Haha!


Next week we get to know more about Full-Uke! Yay ~!

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