“FULL UKE DA!!!!”seems to have the most common thing I’ve been saying lately. Whenever I see I cute face either I just can’t help but shout “FULL UKE DA!!”. People are starting to call me extremely weird again … I’ve got to retreat back into my little circle …

Anyways, this probably all started when I saw Allelujah cry in episode 10. Damnnit. At this rate I’m going to really end up a pervert …

((conscience: Don’t deny it, D! You’re already a pervert.))


T_T It’s sad for a girl my age to already become a pervert. Dear lord, forgive me for I have sinned …. one helluva lot.

In other news! For some totally unknown reason, my computer can read kanji now! They used to appear ??? like this but now they’re coming out like;


that! I’ve no idea what I did … but … I’m happy. This must be a gift from the heavens or something. That sad thing is that AGTH still won’t work on my PC … T_T If I can get that to work, I’ll probably play more BL Games. I’ve only played the ones that Akane made. I’m pretty sure I already made a post on DN.D Poisoned somewhere on this blog … *goes off to find it* My, my, my … that’s one horrible post I did there. When I have the time, I’ll make another post about it.

Speaking of games, that pic I have all the way up there is from a game called Lamento ~beyond the void~  … I’ve seen quite a number of fanart for it and am now very interested in playing it. I guess that will be possible if it gets licensed or if AGTH starts working. Then again, even if it were licensed, I wouldn’t be able to buy it ‘cuz Québec is such a bitch.

 In other news, I’m relaxing from Anime right now and decided to read some manga instead. I’m pretty caught up in Hanazakari no Kimitachi E (a.k.a Hana Kimi). I watched the first episode of the Japanese drama and the Taiwanese drama  … didn’t like it though.

Anyways, I’m really totally  into it right now. It’s just sad that its not truly BL. Luckily, I have intense YAOI VISION! I just need to pretend that Mizuki is really a guy and there’s my BL. Whoopee ~

Well, I’m off to continue reading. (currently at 40 chapters because I take too much time staring at the art … it shows I’m not a big Manga reader. Haha)

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