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Don’t you just HATE it when you thought did something so totally original and then learned that someone had the same idea you did and you didn’t know? Well, even though what I said back there doesn’t make much sense, I TOTALLY HATE IT!

I was reading yaoi one-shots yesterday and fell upon one called Milk taste Honey … or something like that … At any rate, the uke in that one-shot is 100% Scythe! *cries*

Scythe, you see, is a totally reserved guy and he would never open himself to anyone. He’s kin, polite and respectful but he never gets close to anyone. Around Kira, however, Scythe lets his barrier down and is more carefree around him. The Scythe around Kira is able to smile, laugh and blush.

And damn … that uke in that damned OneShot is exactly the same. Plus! They even look alike. ‘Cept that Scythe is much much more attractive, of course.

Ugh, it just really pisses me off when this happens. Luckily for me that one shot isn’t all that popular … gods if Scythe ressembled some guy from a popular manga or anime, I’d be screwed. People would think I based Scythe off him. T_T Scythe is totally my creation. I’ll admit he has characteristics that many other uke-semes have but …wtv. I don’t fee like explaining anymore!

Oh right, sorry about all the Gravitation pics. It has nothing to do, per say, with this post. I just suddenly fell in love with Gravi again. No clue how, just did.

IN OTHER NEWS (gotta stop saying this too …), I’m still totally into Hana Kimi. Chapters 77 to 79 (I think?) were fucking awesome. If I guessed the chapters correctly, then those should be the chapters about Umeda-sensei and that classmate of his. I was all like “DAMNED TENSION!!!!” because I’d never get my smex. *cries* In the end, they only kissed … or maybe they did more, but I wouldn’t know. I could dream of it though … @w@

Yes Shuichi, what an obscene and SPLENDID genre BL is. Totalleh.

Okay, now that I’ve said everything I actually wanted to say, I guess I’ll just rant. OneManga’s being a bitch and I don’t want to study for my Science exam (which is tomorow).

Right now, I’m re-downloading Death Note episodes 1-18 since my CDs of them have disappeared into the wind. I only have 17 and 18 left to download but Reality Lapse is being a bitch right now too. I could just get ‘em off another site, but I’m just being patient today. What a miracle.

At least tomorrow’s Friday, I really want the week-end to come. I better advance DC a bit … haven’t started chapter three due to loss of creative steam. My art is improving a little more again tho’, I wanted to scan it and upload it to DA … but my scanner was ALSO being a bitch and I’m too lazy to go do it right now. I could use a Hot Choco now … my fingers are freezing again. Then again, whenever I drink Hot Choco I start sweating a helluva a lot and I end ruining whatever I’m drawing. Fuck myself for being left-handed.

Wow, I sure am complaining a lot today. Weird thing is, I’m not even mad or anything. Complaining without anger? Damn that’s fucked up in so many ways.

SCPwiincess ays:
we hugged =]
SCPwiincess says:
well i got to that stage
SCPwiincess says:
</3 - dəа sама dəsu ʼnyа™ ● says:
*level up music* name censoring! has passed the Hug Stage!
</3 - dəа sама dəsu ʼnyа™ ● says:
Its like playing a Dating Sim
</3 - dəа sама dəsu ʼnyа™ ● says:
how fun

Wow, the pictures are taking one helluva a lot of space in this post. I didn’t even talk much! Haha ~ Oh shit -

It seems I’ve become hyper all of a sudden. And damn, why does it feel like there’s no consistency to this post? Fucking fingers, typing whatever comes to their mind. Then again, Fingers don’t have minds do they? Oh great, this means that this was all my brilliant idea?! Fuck you brain for being so damn inconsistant!

Oh right, I’ve just added a new ‘fav singer/band’ to my list. Its Kotani Kinya! The guy who did Shu-chan’s vocals. Well, can’t say I know much about him since most of the songs I hear from him are Gravi songs. Then again, I don’t think I heard any non-ani songs of his >< The only not from Gravi is Blaze; TC’s OP. Even so, I really like this guy.

Oh, speaking of that, I was trying to think up a pseudonym I could use when I draw my 4-komas and I really really wanted the name Daisuke. So I tried to think of some surnames and Asakura was the first I really liked. I signed the 4-komas I did yesterday with ‘Asakura Daisuke’ but later on I felt like I heard that name somewhere before and I searched it on Google. Yep, this guy already exists. *cries* He does some (or all?) of the BGMs in Gravi.

I erased ‘Asakura Daisuke’ and just put in ‘Daisuke’ *dies*

 I SHOULD end this post already since I’m not really talking about anything … but I still got a few Pics I wanna put so … bear with my ranting. (Unless you wanna leave, wimp!) — jk <3

 </3 - dəа sама dəsu ʼnyа™ ● [FULL UKE DA!] says:
are you talking about normal eye contact or ‘pause of life’ eye contact?
</3 - dəа sама dəsu ʼnyа™ ● [FULL UKE DA!] says:
</3 - dəа sама dəsu ʼnyа™ ● [FULL UKE DA!] says:
pause of life eye contact …

Where the HELL did ‘pause of life’ eye contact come from? Hmmm, I should know since I’m the one who said it … but I said it on a whim. Does ‘pause of life’ eye contact even amke sense? I think not! Well, it makes sense to me ….

And if it makes sense to me then thats enough! *grins for no apparent reason*

Oh-em-gee, I almost didn’t recognize Ryu-chan for a second. O_o

This pic makes me feel like re-reading the Gravi Remixes again.  I keep re-calling that one panel where K and Tatsuha (I think?) were exchanging sex tips while harassing Shuichi. Awkward but priceless nontheless.

 I wonder what my parents would think of me when they learn about Yaoi or when they learn about my Fangirl status. *shivers* That’s a very scary thought. For the moment, I think I prefer them not knowing, but lately, I feel that my Dad is catching on.

The other day, my printer had some left over data and it re-printed my Death Note fanfics.  The first word on the first page were ‘the hands didn’t bother teasing …’

My Dad was the one who told me that they re-printed, so I suspect he saw that line. He didn’t say much about it but I could tell he’s getting suspicious.

Plus he’s barging into my room a lot to see what I’m doing! It’s just really ANNOYING!

Then again, I just need to keep yaoi to a minimum … and he’ll probably forget about it. He might think that I’m just being curious about ’sex’ and whatever … which is perfectly normal I guess. Then again, what’s normal is being head over heels for Yaoi.

Well, around here it’s not normal at least. At any rate, I’m just going to have to be more careful about my ’secret’ ^_^


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