Damnatio Memoriae

I finally decided to post up some of the Poems in wrote in my collection book; damnatio memoriae they aren’t that good but … enjoy anyways!andohbytheway, the three first poems I’m posting aren’t from the Damnatio plotline. Yeah, even my poetry has a plot. Actually, plot isn’t much it’s just a short story about a girl who lives alone in a tower from where she watches over the world. The girl writes books about what she sees and those book are read by a man who lives in another world where he is the only living being. I basically just write poems based on what could happen between the two and how they deal with their loneliness and such … most of their entries are Prose and not Poetry so I’ll only post two of the poems of their plot.

Damnation Memoriae

from; Fanfiction - Death Note
pairing: Mello and Near

Their cries

filled the room.

Their bodies

against each other,

back and forth.

He doesn’t try to stay quiet,

moans louder and



one movement,

in and out.

He doesn’t try to be gentle,

thrusts harder and



one movement,


It wasn’t pity, it wasn’t comfort. It was consensual, bu wasn’t love.

Their relationship inexplicable but by phrase;

The hate the fueled their lust …


from; Dark Crimson

Scythe Adayth’s Dark Abyss

I want to hold on

to those joyous times

when we

were together

with you, all grief,


was forgotten

But now that

you are gone

all smiles become


all warmth has


the memories

slowly fade

into dark

where nothing

can be



from; Fanfiction - Death Note

pairing; LightXL

Without warning,


Rythm in harmony,

hips rocking

table shaking

cries of ‘kira-sama’

here and there

harder and harder

nails dig into

white skin

‘I hate you’

legs spread, takes

it all


‘I hate you’

Far away voice, resounding, distorted

Eyes open to a

twisted smile and

that’s when he knew

L has won again


OKAY Time for two poems that actually come from the Damnatio Plot. Enjoy.

no. 5 - The tower in her World: Short talk on Boredom

Consuming white

there is nothing


in my world

not a sound

not a whisper


white, bright white


It’s not sad,

not lonely

there’s no anguish,

no pain,


white, bright white


there’s nothing left …


no. 3 - The castle in his World: start of new

Interactions were unecessary

he was alone


when his book brought

her up

he felt his heart


Though her world

was filled

with others

alone she was

in the world of

her tower room

Maybe it was


for he too

was alone

But time (though he knew not the concept)

changed understanding

into …


Well thanks for reading, that’s it for now. About the LightXL poem up there, it’s inspired by a fanfic called ‘Invitation for Provocation’ or some such title … The poem makes more sense after reading the fanfic. So if you want to understand the poem please read ‘Invitation for Provocation’ it’s a really beautiful fanfic. If you love Death Note and don’t mind buttsecks then you’ll love it.

By buttsecks I meant Yaoi, btw.

At any rate, once I’ve written more stuff in Damnatio I’ll post up more stuff. Thanks for reading my not-so-good poetry.

(well, even they aren’t that good I still like my poetry and felt like sharing. Else wise, I wouldn’t have posted them)

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