I have a real short week this week (lol, three days of school) but for some ironic reason the teachers decided to give us all of the exams THIS WEEK. Joy, oh joy. I’ve got a text to read for French, a argumentative essay for History and an English grammar exam tomorrow. Then a science exam on wednesday T_T … Not that that’s big of a problem though, I’ve only got Science to worry about. Anyways …

I am SUPPOSED to be studying right now. I don’t feel like … I really don’t. So I won’t. ^_^ Instead, I decided to watch a bit of anime. That’s when I realized I haven’t watched any of the anime that started airing this winter. LOL?

I watched the first two episodes of Shigofumi and I’m probably going to continue it. The story of the first two episodes was just so AWESOME. Touching and sweet in some really fucked up way. It kind of reminded me of Jigoku Shoujo … so something tells me it’s just going to be bunch of stories not really connected to each other. Still, I like this show better than Jigoku Shoujo.

I also just watched Gundam 00 15 and that last part where Set-chan kept on going ‘Gun … dam’ made me laugh like an idiot. I’m not sure who said it but that ‘I want to embrace you Gundam’ line made me laugh too. I really have no idea if it’s supposed to make you laugh but whatever I laughed. That aside, the episode was pretty dramatic … all of the meisters got beat. That really wasn’t fun to see. T_T

(BTW, I still don’t get the point of Set-Chan’s midnight visit to that Princess … whose name escapes me ==;)

I’m not sure I understand the preview … but I’m guessing that there are three other people who have Gundams?

LOL, T’was supposed to this last night but I guess I forgot. I was really tired yesterday after studying. T_T I’ve only got one more exam to survive through and the week is over. Well, actually two but I won’t count P.E.  I’m going to have to study ’til the sun rises at the rate I’m going now. I’m so fucked.

What’s worst is that even though I KNOW I’m fucked, I’m still now studying. I’m such a determined person. XD  I can’t concentrate on studying since a concept for a sasuxnaru (or maybe naruxsasu O_<) fanfic is haunting me. I’m going to write it down before I start studying.


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