Gundam 00 - 18


That’s it. I fucking hate you Nena. Killing Louise’s family in one blow for no fucking reason. That whole scene with Saji giving Louise the ring and learning that she’s lost her left hand was just so emotional. I felt so bad for the two. Losing her left hand means she can’t put on the ring … but hey, there’s artificial hands, right? >.<

Then there’s Set-chan leaving all alone to face the Thrones … is there something WRONG in your head?! There’s no way you can take on those three alone ==; I think that green-haired guy is the one who hacked into Veda … then again, I’m probably wrong again (I’m glad Louise didn’t become amnesiac or anything)

On a last note, CODE GEASS is coming soon ^0^ (well, not REALLY soon but still)

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