(yeah, sorry for the nonsensical post title)

Well, after months of saying I didn’t like Bleach I decided to actually watch it. Guess what? I still didn’t like it much! XD However, there is a perfectly reasonable reason I am still watching it. -smile-



I was browsing around DA when I found this guy and ‘whatdoyaknow’ he’s from Bleach. I was all like ‘MYGODWHODAFUCKAREYOU?!’ for five minutes before reading the description and learning his name was Ulquiorra; an arancar? Bah, not sure.

Basically I am watching Bleach for the sole purpose of getting to see Ulquiorra. Very very reasonable.

After finding him, I went from an episode a week to 30 a day,  go figure. I’m at episode 56, I think … nearing the end of the Rescue Arc. If I’m right, the next is filler -cries- If their funny, I’ll enjoy them since that was the case for the Naruto fillers. I did skip more than half of the Naruto filler arc tho’

ANDOH, Speaking of Naruto …


-yum- Nothing beats a cross-dressing Sasuke (all he’s missing are the nekomimi)

 Er, yeah … back to Bleach.

Since I’ve decided to actually pay attention to what’s happening, Bleach isn’t as boring as I thought after all. I don’t notice as much slash in Bleach as I did in Naruto but I’ve still seen enough to keep interested. Har.  Still, since I’m not that far into the series I’ve decided to wait before looking into the Bleach yaoi fandom >.> I’ve seen this one Renshuu (RenjixShuuei) pic once and damn did I find it hot XD I also really seem to like IchigoxUryuu -yum- but that aside, I don’t know shit.

Bah, I go look around more carefully after I finish the Rescue Arc.

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