BANG! - February/March? ‘08 Desktop


Remember when I said nothing beats a crossdressing Sasuke? My bad, I think I like female-Lulu more O_< (is anyone out there capable of translation the japanese?)


I was getting tired of the Loveless wallpaper I had so I decided to finally change it. I didn’t know what I should put so I went ‘picture searching’ all over the place … one thing led to another and I ended up looking for things OTHER than a wallpaper. Yep, that’s me, easily distracted.

Well, after about two hours I finally managed to get back on track and actually FOUND a wallpaper (thank god).


(click for full size) - wallpaper from Anime Paper

OHWHATCHAKNOW?! It’s Ulquiorra -shot- I couldn’t help myself. I tried, really. But it ended up being him in the end, go figure. (On a side note, I’m actually enjoying Bleach O_<)

OHEYLOL>< I just realized I haven’t played neither Gunbound, Flyff or Lunia for MONTHS now. I’m actually thinking of uninstalling them soon but I usually regret doing that so I’ll just leave ‘em there (for aesthetic purposes?)


Anyways, while I’m at it, why don’t I just show the fruits of my two-hour picture search (yeah, I had a lot fun doing that)




I really like the emo-punk-ish Ulquiorra >< he’s so cute no matter how many times I look at him. It’s kinda like the way I look at Wolfy … ‘cept the two really don’t look alike. (didn’t make sense?)

I did get one of Urahara, though … I found him surprisingly hot in that shot I put there (not to say I don’t like the guy, I love him srsly but I just never found him hot)



The Obligatory SasuNaru pics! ^o^ I don’t really watch/read the anime/manga anymore but I just don’t get tired of SasuNaru for some reason. I totally love ANBU SasuNaru >.>

And speaking of SasuNaru … I’m currently writing a fanfic of them and it’s on my fanfiction[dot]net page (on my blogroll -nod-) I’ve only got the prologue up but I’m working on the first chapter and should be up within a week depending on how busy I am. @_@




And lastly, the Wammy Kids! My ultimate yaoi fandom <3 I just love these three so much it’s impossible (and yet is possible) -cough- well, Eruruu’s in the first pic but he’s technically part of them so yeah. Eruru looove! Matto looove! Mero loooves! Nia looove! LOVELOVELOVE!

Which reminds me how much I thought of Mello today!

Since Valentines is more of a reminder of how I’m still single (-waves flag stating- ’single’s awareness day T_T’) I decided to buy myself a lot of chocolate (mostly Kit-Kat and Ferrero) when I came home, my Mom reminded me I had a dentist appointment later on. I was looking SOOOOOOOOOOOO forward to eating my chocolate but now I can’t even touch it. -sobsob- I was thinking of Mello the entire way XD (I think of Mello whenever someone says chocolate anyway haha)

Bah, anyways …. this post is starting to get too long (lol, it was just supposed to be a desktop post) so I’m going to end it before I find some other useless thing to rant about. Bai bai!

(EDIT: I found about 70 more pics but I don’t feel like making that long of a post so I just uploaded my favs. ANDOHBTW, I got all of them from Crunchyroll ROLF)

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