Code Geass - Lelouch of Rebellion - Episode 23



BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fear me for I am Dracula!!! Man, why does this show keep making me change my mind? Just when I started to feel for Lelouch he goes all nutcase again. (At least his maniacal laugh is less nutcase-like than Raito’s)




Right off the bat, Lelouch shoots Euphie ‘Goodbye. Perhaps … that was first love’

When Lulu said that, it sounded so very dry. After Euphie got shot, Suzaku goes nuts and takes her body away. Blabla, I have no interest in them. Sometime after, Lulu goes into a room where C.C is and she’s all like ‘I’ll always be with you’ or whatever. Lulu X C.C is so totally awesome. (wow, first time I ended up liking a non-yaoi couple)




HOSHIT! Talk about face distortion. I hate this girl too … and wtf is up with her making herself a KnightMare …. I hope she gets killed. ==;




…. He’s a guy? The fuck? Anyways … I don’t know what this ‘V.V’ guy tells Suzaku, but

I’m guessing he knows Lulu’s Zero. This is like Kira and Athrun all over again. ‘cept Kira and Athrun are hotter. Haha ~



I don’t like it when Lulu went insane towards the end of the episode. I just hope he lives to the end. Not like Raito who dies (thank Ryuk!). I mean, Lulu isn’t like Raito. He knows he’s insane and that he might lose. x) He’s much more realistic.

The sole reason I continue watching Geass is for Lelouch. If he wasn’t the great character that he is … I would’ve dropped this months ago.






When the phone call came, I just KNEW it was Suzaku. I mean, who else could possibly call Lulu at a time like that? Even so, I couldn’t help but think ‘HOSHIT! She’s come back to hunt you Lulu!!’

Euphie; You arse! You made me kill innocent Japanese people!! I shall haunt you down Lelouch!!!! YOU SHALL NEVER REST IN PEACE!!!!


Well, okay … that would be out of character but whatever.


Now, with all that said and only two more episode to go. Let’s end the post with Lelouch gorgeous smile —–




—- I meant ‘evil smirk’



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