Gundam 00 - 19


 ’I am Gundam.’

That scene at the end of episode with Lockon, Set-Chan and Tieria made me giggle so hard. I actually wasn’t afraid when Lockon shot (er, not really) Set-Chan. I was sort of too busy fantasizing. It would’ve been fun is Allelujah was down there too, though. -sob- Why do I get the feeling that he’s always left out?


Lockon: You’re an inredeemable Gundam-Nut!

Set-Chan: Thanks. 


 Set-Chan’s sooo cute >< -dies-

 Set-Chan’s ‘I am Gundam’ line cracks me up every time. That is about lamest thing I have ever heard. Set-Chan’s such a corny person. I couldn’t help but think that whenever Set-Chan talks. Not to say I don’t like that … I find it adorable.


I just love it when Miki Shinnichirou does that angsty voice. I feel like fainting.

 Lockon’s long angsty speech would have bored me if it wasn’t Shinnichirou-san’s I was listening too. I actually had to replay the scene because I was too busy concentrating on how hot the voice was to actually pay attention to what he was saying. :\



My yaoi fantasies about the Meisters aside, I was kind of annoyed with that whole flashback accompanied by a love song scene of Louise and Saji. Oh sure, it was sweet. But really was that really necessary? >_<

(It’s been said everywhere but I’ll say it too. Saji’s going to become Gundam 00’s Shinn. Joy.)


In other notes, I’m kind of confused plot-wise right now. Was what was hacked in Veda Nadleeh’s Trial System thing? Or was it the information concerning Lockon and Setsuna? When the Trial System backfired, I could’ve sworn it was Alejandro’s smirk I saw. Then again, the green-haired kid smirked earlier as well …

Does that mean Veda was hacked twice? I’m confused.


Wait, wait! I got to see Set-chan AND Tieria smile? -dies- Yeah, I’m happy. So happy it doesn’t even make sense anymore. 

What the hell do you mean by ‘Is this being human?’ Tieria? OMG! Are you by any chance implying that you are NOT human?  O__<

(About those pods at the complete end of the episode I was like “OMG GUNDAM’S GOING GURREN LAGANN NOW?!” …. I seriously thought those were drills.)

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