Gundam 00 - 20



- Tieria’s just keeps confusing more and more. And now that Lockon pointed it out, since when did Tieria start using ‘boku’? I could’ve sworn he used ‘ore’ before.


- When Kinue got into the car with -insertwhat’shisname- I just knew she was going to get beat or killed. It’s not like M.I-love-war’s going to just let her go. But now she’s DEAD (I guess, what with the pool of blood and all)! My god, now Saji’s REALLY going to go all emo and revengeful or whatever. I just wonder how that’s going to happen tho’


- The BGM that started playing in the very beginning of the episode when Saji was looking through his Txt Messages from Louise and the Piano piece when Saji was home and thinking of Louise were SO DAMN PRETTY. I demand mp3s of those NOW! -cries-


- MY GOD, Celestial Being really IS taking orders and crap from a computer. Big WTF?! from me there.

(LOL, This is the 4th episode of Gundam 00 that I blogged … I wonder why I’m so proned to ranting about it anyway …)

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