Gundam 00 - 21


Lockon x Tieria, ftw.

After Lockon proctected Tieria like that, there’s no way I can’t NOT think of them together. I kept on remembering Shinakana Netsujou the entire way and wasn’t really focusing on the episodeĀ  itself. Which in turn reminded me of Itoshiki-sensei and that whole “humans never focus on the main point” thing. Whoa! That’s like … thinking of Kamiyan three times at once.

(And while I’m still on Kamiyan, I just listened to the BLCD Kotonoha no Hana yesterday and boy … OnoD x Kamiyan 4da fucking WIN! For more info: )

I always thought of Lockon as the leader of the four. He’s the eldest (??) and with Miki as his seiyuu I just couldn’t think of it any other way. He’s like the manly-ess of the other four. I mean, Tieria, Allelujah and Set-chan are ALL uke in my eyes.

Well, I just hope they don’t kill off Lockon before the end.

(OHEY! Lockon knows what Tieria is! I’m betting he’s like a artificial entity. Thinking him as a robot or cyborg is kind of harsh so I thought something along the lines of what Yuki (SHnY) is)

In other news, Set-chan’s going all philosophical. Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally adorable but his dream about that Marina bitch pissed me off. I prefer to think of Marina as a ‘mother’-like person instead of a love interest. I’m being stupid, but I’m still a fangirl after all.

Then finally, Saji … Poor guy. With Kinue gone, he’s totally alone! Well, not really since Louise is still alive … but you get what I mean, right? Anyways, there’s only like three episodes left, so I’m starting to doubt the possibility of him joining the army. I’m wondering what the Saji’s going to be able to achieve in the remaining episodes … there’s not much he can do except continue what his sister did (which I’m betting he’ll do).

((wow, the only Anime I’ve been blogging lately has been Gundam 00. I think I’m going to have to make a post about Tactics or Sayonnara Zetsubou Sensei soon ==;))

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