Gundam 00 - 22


That’s it. Someone shoot me. I can’t take it anymore.

I’m getting Shinayakana Netsujo flashbacks again. LockonxTieria 4tw! <3 I mean after THIS, they’re practically canon to me already (hurray slash). It’s so totally adorable how Tieria cares about how because of him Lockon’s lost an eye. Arr, matey!


Though, it ‘kind of’ pisses me off how Lockon looks like an old man in this shot. -cries- (I know you have a crush on Lockon Felt but STAY AWAY FROM HIM! -shoots-) I want more angsty slash shots of these two.


I really wonder if Saji’s going to be able to accomplish anything in the remaining episodes. Just look at him, he’s gone completely emo now. I bet he’d tackle Set-chan if he knew he was a Meister. (I’d laugh so hard if that ever happened)


Two trinity brothers dead. The sister is still alive and was saved by Set-chan. Sorry Nena, I still hate you for kissing Set-chan.


Set-chan!!! <3


I found it funny how his lips were still moving even when he wasn’t laughing. But that’s not the point.


Oh look a frozened body! Let’s shoot it! -shoots and laughs-


“I AM GUNDAM!” -pikapika- VROOOOOOOOM! -pikaredpikaaaa-


Sweet. Exia went all red and beat the crap out of Ali! Too bad he couldn’t kill him off instead.


Am I the only to notice that that both Louise and that Princess girl are crying in the ED now? Or was it been that way for a while and I just didn’t notice before? That aside, this episode was just awesome. I wasn’t paying attention after the Tieria Lockon slash wore out but after Johann and Michael got killed by Ali I was just all like O_O WHOA WTH?! Since Nena’s still alive I highly doubt their going to kill her off anytime soon. -cries- Oh well.



It’s less than a month ’til CODE GEASS R2 and this post just made me look forward to it more than before. (Now that think about it, Lulu doesn’t look ‘gentler’ than before)

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