Well … the movie was … good? Oh what am I kidding …. I totally hated it. *grumbles and goes back to KyoAni*

Give me my time and GB back! I should’ve just watched it on Crunchyroll … if only I knew what I was in for. Damn fuck.  I should’ve waited until the anime finished airing before I watched this … everything is like totally ruined now. I’m glad I haven’t played the game. I bet that’d make me hate the movie even more than I already do. -curses-

(No screenshots because I was too pissed to even bother taking any)


Don’t read any further if you don’t wish everything to be spoiled … well, I’ll try not spoil much and keep my comment vague.

I’ll do this chronologically so that people who watched the movie know what I’m talking about.

  1. What is UP with Tomoya being so damn emo and depressive?! No, no, no! That is NOT that man I love!!!! (har har) and since when does he go to school that fucking EARLY?!
  2. The OP sounds corny somehow … why does it work for the anime I wonder
  3. I won’t say this again. THERE ARE TO MANY train/traffic cuts in this movie!! Are they even necessary?
  4. Is it so cold Nagisa needs a scarf? Just when KyoAni started to make me LIKE Nagisa Toei just makes me hate her all over again. Irony? She is SO FUCKING ANNOYING in the movie.
  5. Wait, wait. That’s FUTURE Tomoya?! No, no! This is KimiNozo all over again. All y’need now it comfort sex with Tomoyo.
  6. Thank God! Sunohara’s still normal. He’s more like Tomoya’s slave dog now tho’ … not that I mind.
  7. RANDOM: The lighting SUCKS … it’s always so fucking bright!!!
  8. … What’s with the slow motion running?
  9.  If you’re gonna put Kotomi in the movie at least make her SAY something! I want my Fuuko too! And were Tomoyo and Kyou always that friendly?! THAT IS NOT RIGHT!
  10. (insert train shot) WTF?!
  11. GIVE ME BACK THE JUNK ROBOT! What’s up with the yellow bike and freaky doll? Is this a horror carnaval?! OHAI! Let’s join the fucking CIRCUS! I’mma start juggling any second now.
  12. I don’t hate NojiKen. I love the guy. He was an awesome uke in Nejireta Edge … but srsly … Nakamura Yuichi’s better for Tomoya. -cries-
  13. weird CG shots? Screen cut in half? Fucked. Fucked Fucked. Was Sunohara always that strong?
  14. I like how Tomoya is always is Sunohara <3 (WOW! A POSITIVE COMMENT!)
  15. I said I wouldn’t say it again but … WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE TRAIN/TRAFFIC SHOTS!
  16.  OMFG! They raped the Dango song! FUCKING RAPED IT! -dies-
  17. Remember the comment about Sunohara being the same? I take it back. He’s kind of annoying in the movie.

Allow me to rant.

Is it me or does the Drama Club come outta nowhere?! Sunohara going crazy?!?! WHAT?! Wait, wait, wait! Nagisa forces Sunohara and Tomoya into the club that randomly got formed?! IBUKI-SENSEI WHAT?!  Sanae and Akio aren’t as fun in the movie. WTF?! WTF?! WTF?! RANDOM LOVE DEVELOPMENT?! Would Tomoya normally make a face at Akio’s jokes?! The Tomoya I know would be indifferent to them. GIVE MY MAN BACK!! Why does Tomoya and Nagisa suddenly get along like that?


Wasn’t Yoshino a PIANIST or something?! I don’t remember him being in a fucking rock band!!

Now onto the Festival!!

Why does Nagisa randomly talks about her past like that?! SHE EVEN ANNOUNCES IT?! No one asked y’know! Was Sanae and Akio’s dream really to be an actor?!  Sanae was a sensei wasn’t she?! OH LOOK RANDOM KOTOMI AGAIN! NANDEYANEN?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! And what’s with the random way of announcing the fact that Yoshino and Ibuki are together? OMG IT’S A FUCKING WEDDING DRESS!

The story was too long. WAY TOO LONG. WAY TOO USELESSLY EMO! Oh the drama!


Someone shoot me please. That was worst than Kyou and Tomoyo randomly being friendly with the rest of the gang, the random Kotomi cuts and the raped Dango song.

There’s half and hour left! So they decided to rush the rest of the fucking story. EMO TOMOYA! WTF?! Did you take lessons from Takayuki or something? And what’s up with Sunohara’s hair? Who the fuck is Ushio? OH MY GOD, It’s his kid?! WHAT?! AND NOW THEY RANDOMLY START SINGING?! DON’T JUST BREAK INTO SONG LIKE THAT! It’s a waste of minutes! Was Yoshino always that type of person? I always believed him to be the strange quiet reserved guy. WTF?! Stop raping the characters!

Sunohara starts crying. Sweet. Very cute. It shows how much he totally loves Tomoya deep down. BUT IT WAS RANDOM!

Oh wait, now they tell us how Nagisa died. But I already guessed. I saw that coming ever since I saw the random emo Tomoya shot in the beginning. I like NojiKen’s crying in Nejireta Edge better.

Ten minutes left …

More EMO TOMOYA. THEN! We’re off on a random trip! WHOOPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’ll bet he’s going to meet his kid and become all happy happy again.

Oh damn fuck.

I was right.


O_O WAIT WHAT?!? That’s what I wasted 1h30 of my time for?! Damnit Toei. Damn you. I need my KyoAni CLANNAD before I start hating CLANNAD altogether. -dies-


Now that I’ve calmed down. I’ll admit that the movie had a few good points. If I never watched the anime … I might’ve liked the movie. But since I did watch the anime, I find it horrible. The Tomoya and Sunohara moments are the only things I liked.

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