Gundam 00 - 23



Why keep the guy alive if you were just going to kill him off two weeks later?! Damnit! Lockooooooooooooooooooooon! -cries-


I find it really really stupid for Lockon to go out and fight in his condition. Sersiously, how the hell are you supposed to fight properly with one eye?! Still, I think I can understand his reasons … I’m just pissed he had to die. Hopefully Ali-Al is dead too … but I kind of doubt it. Well either way, if Sunrise is going to resurrect someone it better be Lockon. Come to think of it, isn’t this kind of like the same thing as what happened to Mwu? OMG O_O Anything but that. If they’re going to resurrect him just to turn him into a masked man next season … I’d rather they don’t resurrect him at all.


One thing about Lockon’s death that didn’t piss me off is the fact that Tieria cried AND the fact the he said “This time I’ll be the one to protect him” at the beginning of the episode. BANZAI! LockonxTieria 4tw! Banzai!

(LockonxSet-chan works too … but not as much as with Tieria)

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