Tsubasa Chronicle REVELATIONS OVA 3


This is honestly the best OVA I have ever seen. I’m still under that shock that they managed to fit all that content in three episodes. Plus, it was extremely well done.


Most of the things happened exactly as it did in the manga. The only big difference was that Sakura saw her Cardcaptor’s counterpart. I don’t remember what she saw in the manga but it was definitely not Kinomoto Sakura.

((One of the things I love the most about this arc of Tsubasa is how it changed Sakura from ‘much too innocent’ to ‘normal’. I’ve always hated how overly innocent and naive Sakura.

Towards the end of the OVA, I really felt like crying. I don’t know if it was the OVA’s fault or if I was just remembering everything that happens after this in the manga.

I kind of doubt that they’ll make another series of Tsubasa, but I do hope that IG will make more OVAs. They did one hell of a good job with Tokyo Revelations … I really wasn’t expecting it to be so damn good.

Actually, I really want them to animate Fai’s story. It’ll be so awesome to see all that in color and movements with voices. *prays*

That said, I really really really love this OVA. There can’t be any better than this. Seriously.


THE VAMPIRE TWINS! My gawd they’re cute. (It makes me happy that they’re both voiced by Miyano Mamoru and Shimono Hiro -Kamui and Subaru, respectively)



“Ohayo, Kurogane” -sniff- How cold

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