CLANNAD 22 (end)

Wait …. IT’S OVER?!

I kind of guessed that the ending was going to be something like this. It wasn’t epic in any way, but I enjoyed Clannad a lot nonetheless. Emo-Nagisa was even more depressing than emo-Tomoya but it was better than emo-Mitsuki. Akio-san’s declaration was my favorite part of the episode. It was so touching I thought I was going to cry. Blushing-Tomoya is definite win for me. Man do I love it when guys like him get all flustered! The whole confession thing was pretty sweet but nothing out of the ordinary. It was a normal thing.

LUCKILY, there’s still the special! From the preview, looks like I’m going have a few laughs as well as more TomoxSuno slash! Yay! Looks like we’re not getting any of the after-story from KyoAni tho’ … which makes me kind of sad since I really wanted to see it. Hopefully they might make a second season for the after-story …

(I’ll add  some screens later)

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