Gundam 00 - 24


Tieria’s using ‘watashi’ now! WHUT?!

I was wondering why all of sudden that dramatic song was playing in the BG but when this guy …


… died, I kind of guessed he wasn’t going to be the only one dying.  Who is that guy anyway? ‘Cuz I honestly don’t remember ever seeing the guy. *rolls eyes* The next one to die was Patrick, but I wasn’t really paying attention because I wasn’t squeeing over Tieria saying he wouldn’t die yet for Lockon’s sake. Yahoo!


Chris and Lichty’s death were the longest and more emotional ones. I nearly cried but the scene wasn’t long enough for that. Still, it was pretty sad.

(That makes like … four deaths in one episode?)

They kept Felt alive tho’.

(Oh and, is it me, or did Allelujah get a ‘little’ bit more lines this episode? XD)


Set-chan’s so cute!

Kyrios has fallen.

Nadleeh has fallen.

Exia has fallen.

OMFGWHUT?! The next episode’s called “Setsuna” … (Is their one or two episode left?)

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