Such a tempermental guy … in pink frilly PJs?!

Well, if you don’t know who he is, that guy (yes, guy *points*) is Wolfram von Bielefied from Kyo Kara Maoh. I just started watching KKM yesterday due to a few BL Doujins of it I read beforehand.

I always asked myself why Wolf-Chan was always in those cute pink frilly PJs despite his tempermental personality. After getting to episode eight a few minutes ago … well, I got my answer.

He actually wears them. O_o

Not that I’m disturbed or anything. I find undeniably adorable (plus, he IS uke after all …)

I just felt surprised that he wore them in the actual anime.


Well, I would’ve known that already if I check Wikipedia sooner, though. Either way, YuuriXWolfram is definitely on my fav. parings list now. I mean, they’re a just adorable. Despite their engagement being an accident, it’s like Wolf totally accepts that … god, that’s cute. I wonder if Yuuri will surrender to him eventually, though. That’s a sweet thought.



Oh, last note … Why the HELL was Yuuri not the LEAST bit surprised seeing someone like Wolf-Chan in those PJs?!

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