SUPER SAIYAN!!!! *henshin*

You know, I think I just remembered the reason why I don’t watch long anime anymore.

The repetitiveness. It really, but really pisses me off.

Example in Inuyasha;


Inuyasha; Kagome, I’ll never let you get hurt again.


How many times did he say that in the entire series?! God, so many times I can’t even count. Then there’s those anime with Mahou Shoujos and how they always have some kinda speech before and after their henshin.


I’ll admit that most anime have something that repeats itself over and over. I’m not saying I hate those animes but … arg …. it just pisses me off after all!


So, how exactly did I remember my hate for repetitive events? Yuuri’s transformation into teh Maoh. I realized I think on the 3rd time he transformed that he keeps saying the same speech over and over … ==; It’s cool once … It’s cool twice but … after the third … give me a fucking break. :gonk:


Okay, so maybe he’s speech changes a bit from situation to situation but … arg … there’s only so many times I can handle ‘I don’t normally kill blablabla …’ and ‘SEBAI!’

Frankly, I’ve had enough of sense of justice from Death Note (altough messed up sense of justice on Light’s side).


Although, despite all that … I’m still going to have to continue watching KKM … I can’t get enough of Yuuri and Wolf-Chan after all. (I can do without Gunter’s overdramatic-ness, though)


P.S; How can you NOT think of DBZ when you look at that Screenshot? x3

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