Kyo Kara Maoh - Almost Half Way Through Review



Male Harem!!


Well, seeing as I already made to posts about this anime … I think I might as well review it already. Actually, I’ve only watched 25 episodes of it but … I guess I watched enough to write a review about it.

I first heard of this show quite a long time ago … but … I’m not the type who likes to watch animes with over 26 episodes(KKM has 78 episodes). Much to long and repetitive (see previous post). Of course there are exceptions and since I had no other anime to watch … I’ve decided on this one.


Kyo Kara Maoh is an anime about Shibuya Yuuri (Harajuku Fuuri! ‘pun’ lol) who gets flushed down a toilet into another world … yeah, random, I thought so too.

I also thought; this is like some kind of pun on Inuyasha (Kagome falling through a well to get to the Feudal Era)

Anways, when he arrives there … he learns that he is the new Maoh (much because of his black hair, eyes and clothes)

If royalty were really chosen that way, I’d be a princess. XD


KKM is quite known for the bits of shounen-ai and the male harem that Yuuri has, I think.

Anyway, the majority of the cast are men (attractive ones, at that!). First we have, Conrad; the kind guy who always protects and takes care of Yuuri (brown-haired)

Gwendal; Scary looking guy who likes cute things (surprisingly) (black haired with ponytail)

Gunter; Over-Dramatic guy who really worries too much about Yuuri (long purple-ish hair)



Wolfram; Hot-Tempered young guy … teh ‘Bishonen’ (who is also engaged to Yuuri) (blond)



¬†Well, for now I think that KKM is really care-free type anime. It’s not very angsty or tragic and it’s always on the bright side of things. I keep watching and watching despite it being 5am … so It’s definitely not a bad anime. I totally recommend it. KKM is a really .. how should I say … action/adventure/comedy type anime.


EDIT ; … It seems KKM has taken a turn on the dark side. XD I think it was either episode 27 or 28 … anyways this whole pack of bad things happen … and I couldn’t help but think; after almost 30 episodes … the real plot starts now. ==; I still think that KKM is a really non-angsty/relaxed type anime though.


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