Shibuya Yuuri - Straight or Gay?



Meet Gunter, Wolfram, Gwendal and Conrad …


This may out of pure boredom but … I just suddenly felt like ranting on about something. ThenI thought, while I was watching KKM, ”tche, it’s only a matter of time before Yuuri becomes gay.”

What with all those kind of guys around him … wouldn’t anyone feel pressured into being gay?

And, what do I mean by ‘those kind of guys’ well … let me present you the evidence of the KKM’s Cast’s gayness … XD


Suspect ONE; Conrad


First of all, look at him, he’s gorgeous … Okay, so maybe that’s far from the point … but, look at him … he has such kind eyes and such a warm smile. Makes me gigglei inside since I never liked these types … but, nonetheless, … still makes ‘im gay! Not only that but he takes care and protects Yuuri like …. more than anyone else … plus he’s helps him like all the time and he’s always on Yuuri’s side. And besides he was friends with a such a beautiful person, Julia, and didn’t even fall for her! Rain check ~ something’s wrong with him. XD


Suspect TWO ; Gwendal


He may have an extremely scary face (hot, though) but … he knits plushies and likes cute things … Umm…. HELLO?! ==; XD


Suspect THREE ; Gunter


Long purple hair … fluttering eyelashes … an ethereal beauty … he’s like a new meaning to gorgeous! (Well, he doesn’t rival Sesshy’s looks, though) Also, look a the way he acts with Yuuri … how can he not be gay?


Suspect FOUR ; Wolfram


There are numerous reasons to Wolf-Chan gay-ness. *smirk* I mean, hello, he’a PRETTY and he ENGAGED to a GUY and he is HAPPY about it. Isn’t that proof enough? (Yeah well, I like the fact he’s gay thought.) Still don’t believe me? Wolf wear girly nightgowns *makes him cute though*! And look -


How can someone NOT gay make such a cute uke face?! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THERE’S A DICK ON HIM!!! >< He’s just the cutest thing EVER!!!

Alright, I admit … I have a thing for uke guys like Wolf-Chan (Ritsuka, Hisoka, Sunao, Ritsuka, Ryoma, etc) … which is probably why I’m sparse on words for the other guys (I’m not that into hot semes XD)




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