Tactics ; Thoughts Before the End

I am one episode away from finishing Tactics.

And I think I just died inside.

It took a while for me to get used to Kan-Chan’s hair color (since I preferred it beige-ish like in the manga) but when I did it … I just enjoyed every single episode following. A lot of the stories in the standalone episodes were really awesome and I think I’ve come to love these episodic type animes.

Somewhere near episode 13, I think, they started hinting a lot towards Haruka’s past and I knew then that the it was going to be about him in the end.

Anyways, onto the point of this post.

Before I watch the last episode, I just wanted to write some of the theories I had concerning the ending. The major one being Suzu’s death. I had this thing in the back of my head telling she was going to die by the end of the series. Why? Because of the OP.

When I realized that in the OP Suzu is shown in a picture, I just suddenly came up with the idea that she was going to die.

Halfway through episode 24, I lost any hope of that theory coming true … but when I saw the bottle covered in snow at the end of episode and no Suzu to be found … Well, let’s say I’ve regained hope.

It’d be nice if, for once, one of my theories was right. -prays-

That reminds me.

I really absolutely loved that episode (23?) where Kan-chan and the others were playing that board game and lines like “You broke what’s most important to you” came out. I thought it was really smart thing to do. Then there’s also the “A monster attacks you after being released from its seal” (or something like that) to which Kan-chan replied “Ehh? I wasn’t even the one who sealed him” … I would like to think that this proves that it was definitely NOT Kan-chan who sealed Haruka. That possibility is really totally unthinkable.

But then, in the flashbacks, the person who sealed Haruka looked strangely a lot like Kan-chan … so I’m curious now.

(The way things are, I think Kan-chan knows about Haruka’s past)

ANYWAYS! Onto the last episode ><

(I’ll make a real actual review about Tactics tomorrow probably)

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